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The traffic problems in our city and how to solve them

Written By Hành Chính Sales on Thứ Hai, ngày 26 tháng 11 năm 2012 | 00:13

The traffic problems in our city and how to solve them
I'm a student. I'm living in Hanoi city. Traffic jam is a big problem for me. You know, there are many vehicles in Hanoi city such as: bus, taxi, motocycles, bicycles... Therefore, traffic jam happens permanently, especially at rush-hour. I often go to school late because of the traffic jam. I go to shool by motocycle, sometime I go to shool by bus but i'm still on late. One who haven't been to Hanoi city finds it hard to move about at rush-hour. At that time, everybody seems to be in hurry to reach their houses. So, it causes many accident. I think traffic jam is always a big problem for me as well as other people in Hanoi.

The best way to solve traffic problems is to change your car in to the bicycle. This is more healthy and environmentally friendly way of traveling. More over it does not cost anything and it is impossible to get in to the traffic jam going by bicycle.  In other case, we should use public transport to avoid traffic problems and air pollution increase.
And i think that ministry of transportation should find the way to improve this problem early. Do you think so?
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